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Lending That Makes a Difference

Become a microlender for qualified Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) today! With microloan funding, you can help entrepreneurs in developing communities grow their businesses. You can also donate to support an underserved community.

The Positiviti Effect

Experience a World of Difference with Smart Lending

According to IFC 2020 data, Africa currently faces a $331 billion gap in commercial and industrial lending, resulting in an economic slowdown and widespread poverty. With our microloan platform, we provide everyday lenders with the opportunity to get increased returns on their hard-earned money while supporting the growth of underserved countries.

App of Positiviti

Solving a Problem

One of the single biggest financial obstacles is that only a fraction of the global economy can access and repay huge loans. With our user-friendly mobile app, business owners and individuals can now find the necessary capital to grow their businesses through microloans.


Africa and Beyond

The first phase of the Positiviti Lending platform started in East Africa, a region with a market population of more than 400 million, which represents about 5.7% of the world market. By meeting the rising need for microloans, we aim to help entrepreneurs build businesses and create jobs in their communities.


Lend and Save

Microlending is a smart strategy for achieving your long-term financial goals. Positiviti can help you build your savings safely. Sit back and watch your funds grow!

How Postiviti Works

How it Works

Positiviti turns your loan into microloans to small businesses in developing countries. You can then earn interest while helping people achieve their business goals.

How Postiviti Works

Why Choose Us

Positiviti is among the few microfinance companies in the U.S. that continually maintains a consistent default rate of .01% from borrowers due to our borrower assistance program! As a result, we have rapidly grown in the last year, attracting more top-tier investors to our program. When you partner with us, you can expect a higher return rate than your average microloan program. Contact us and start lending today!


How are my loans being used?

When you become a lender with Positiviti, your loan amount turns into microloans for multiple small, medium, and micro enterprises (MSMEs) in underserved countries. Microloans are small loans that are issued by individuals rather than banks or credit unions. Our borrowers usually need a very small loan to be able to grow their business. The loan is paid back with interest which in turn grows the fund.

What makes Positiviti different?

Positiviti has a unique business model. We give out loans, get the loans repaid with interest, grow the fund, and our lenders receive an excellent and steady rate of return.

What is Positiviti?

Positiviti is a microloan lending platform that provides everyday American lenders the opportunity to build wealth while supporting the growth of underserved countries. The knowledge of microloans as a viable lending option used to be exclusive to the uber-wealthy. We are on a mission to help the average American build long-term wealth while supporting the growth of small, medium, and micro enterprises (MSMEs) globally.


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