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How to Lend

Verify your eligibility.

Anyone above the age of 18 is welcome to lend with Positiviti. Our platform is available to individuals and entities with a US address and an SSN or Federal Tax ID number.

Learn about microlending.

Review the legal documents and make informed decisions. In the legal documents, you will find information about Positiviti and its affiliated entities.

Fill in the enrollment application.

Complete the enrollment application and fund your initial loan contribution by providing a credit/debit card, ACH info, or check.

Start Lending with Positiviti!

Earn monthly interests on your principal loan. Your interest will be automatically reinvested at the end of each month.

A Win-Win Situation

The small, medium, and micro enterprises in underserved countries need capital to grow. Most lending institutions in Africa only give to the top 1%. Big banks ignore the bottom 99%. For example, Kenya has a shortfall of $300 billion every year. Positiviti aims to even out the playing field with our microloan services.

Together, we can help entrepreneurs in foreign countries thrive in their home countries while you get 12% APR and more on your capital.

The Benefits of Microloan Funding

Microloans essentially create economic security and stability, providing entrepreneurs in developing communities with the capital to grow their businesses. For example, business owners may use microloan funds to invest in stock, equipment, and education. These investments result in increased profits, and in return, the profits provide for their families, pay for education for their children, and help develop their businesses.

Our lenders are continually making a difference in parts of the world that need it the most.

Program Documents

To become a lender with Positiviti, you have the option to enroll online or download and manually fill in the enrollment packet below. If you choose to download and sign the documents manually, please e-mail the completed enrollment package to or submit them below in Step 2.


Download and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement

Step 1

Download and fill out the Enrollment Packet

Step 2

Attach forms and Upload (jpg,png,pdf,doc,docx)

Upload and Submit

Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 64 MB.


Once you have uploaded the forms, one of our representatives will reach out to you to create an account for you.


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